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Java – yogjakarta

Thanks to a unique collaboration between Bali Vakantie Verhuur/Bali Rent Villa’s and Pondok Terra (Yogjakarta/Java) we can offer you four villas on Java in combination with a stay of one of the Beach villas in Pemaron/Bali. A stay in one of the other villas we have on file also belongs to one of the possibilities. Villa Pondok Terra offers a beautiful combination of central location in the cultural city of Java, Yogjakarta. We can offer you four amazing spacious villas with a pool in a traditional Javanese ambiance, each with its own tropical garden. The villas are built using local materials and are according to quintessential Indonesian architectural designs. Free pick up from the airport and the possibility to book various day trips. Check for the villas at: . Yogjakarta and Bali are accessible by plane within one hour. It’s also possible to travel to Bali through Java. Flying from Yogja to Bali is not that expensive. Ticket prices go between 40 and 70 euros. Read the experiences of Erica Terpstra .


For centuries, Jogyakarta was an independent Sultanate and a very important trading center, but today, Jogyakarta is the city of tradition, religion and pure art forms for most Indonesians. The Sultan of Yogya still has a great, positive influence in modern Indonesia and you can feel that in the city. The city still radiates pride and power, but is also known as the cultural hub of Java. In its narrow side streets you’ll find the craftsmen who make incredible silverware and batik here. The Kraton (the Old Royal Palace) is surrounded by three meter thick walls and forms a city in itself. At least twice a week you can find traditional Gamelan concerts here. Also the nearby Hindu Javanese temple complex Prambanan, and of course the Borobodur is worth paying a visit


Lombok is an island to the east of Bali. It is comparable in size, but not as touristy as Bali. Ideal for anyone who’s looking to relax. Also on Lombok you will find beautiful untouched nature, a large volcano and bright white beaches. Tourism has not yet really been developed in Lombok. Most hotels and resorts are in Senggigi in the north west.


Gili Air is a small island located off the coast of Lombok and easily accessible from Bali and Lombok. There is no motorized traffic on Gili Air, so you can relax and enjoy the beautiful island. There are excellent diving and snorkeling opportunities.

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