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Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions for the rental of Villa’s affiliated with Bali Vakantie Verhuur/Bali Rent Villa’s


1. These terms and conditions include:
– Owner: the person who offers the accommodation to a person or to a group of persons.
– Rental agreement: The agreement, confirmed by a signed invoice, a renter payment or a mutual confirmed email, whereby the owner commits himself to his other party to providing the accommodation offered by him during the stipulated period.
– Renter: The counter party of the owner whom has accepted the lease agreement.
– Deposit: An amount to be paid in advance, to be used as a security deposit for the payment of electricity costs and/or any damage and/or repair expenses.
– Week: A week is considered 7 nights.
2. All stated amounts are in euros.


1. An offer and/or a price quotation is valid for a maximum of one week from the date of the offer.
2. The rental agreement is established by the acceptance of owner’s offer by the renter. The offer and acceptance can be done in writing or by email. In case of telephone or e-mail sign up, the date on which personal data such as name, address and date of birth or otherwise agreed upon will be passed along.
3. The offer of the owner is free of obligation until the moment of receipt of the deposit by the owner, unless otherwise agreed to.
4. The renter can check in from 4 pm on the day of arrival. The day of departure the renter must check out at least before 12 pm.


1. The rental amount is valid for the entire villa and includes the facilities as stated on the website, unless otherwise states or agreed upon.
2. Renter cannot claim the arranged rental period in case of failure to pay the entire amount of parts thereof.

Article 4. PAYMENTS

1. Upon completion of the agreement a deposit is required. The amount of the deposit is 30% of the rental amount (excluding deposit), this must be paid within 14 days after booking/reservation.
2. The remainder of the rent, plus the deposit must be in the possession of the owner at least 4 weeks before the first day of the rental period.
3. If the agreement is concluded with less than four weeks between the day of the agreement and the first day of the rental period, the entire rental fee (plus the deposit) must be paid within 7 days.
4. In case of a late payment, the renter is considered to be in default.
5. In case payment does not come forth, the agreement is null and void by the owner on the first day of the default. The owner then has the right to charge cancellation fees as stipulated in Art. 6.

Article 5. DEPOSIT

1.For each booking a 150 euro deposit must be paid. This should be paid 4 weeks before the first day of rental.
2. The electricity costs are determined after the rental period and settled with the deposit.
3. If there are rental expenses accrued for the owner, which are of the responsibility of the renter, then those expenses will be settled from the deposit.
4. Settlement with the deposit will also take place if the renter is entitled to compensation from their travel insurance.
5. The owner is obliged to refund the remaining deposit within two weeks after the rental period, if the deposit is not fully settled.
6. The renter is obligated to settle any amount above the deposit within two weeks after receiving the invoice.


In the event that the rental agreement is canceled, cancellation fees are in effect, as known:

– Prepayment fees are non-refundable
– Cancellation up to 4 weeks before rental date: 50% of the rent amount (excluding Deposit).
– If canceled within 4 weeks before the day of rental: 100% of the amount of the rent (excluding Deposit).
– If canceled, the security deposit is refunded in full to the renter.


1. The owner has the right to cancel the rental agreement due to unforeseen circumstances beyond his control. This may include: political unrest, war, weather conditions, fire, natural disasters, strikes, public prosecutions, etc. The owner will, in such a case, refund the fully paid rental amount (including security deposit).
2. If changes and delays at the beginning and during the rental period are caused by circumstances not attributable to the owner, the owner is not liable for the resulting costs or damages.


1. Renter is obligated to be in possession of all the necessary and valid (travel) documents required for that destination/location on departure, during the journey and stay at destination. Travel documents such as passport, visa, etc., should be checked by the renter at the appropriate agencies and institutions for appropriateness, completeness and actuality. The owner accepts no liability to its invalidity.
2. The renter must act appropriately during the rental period.
3. A renter who causes an obstacle or burden during the rental period may be excluded by the owner or his representative on the spot from continuing the stay.
4. Renter is required to provide relevant personal circumstances or information relevant to the stay at the destination. This provision does not only concern to a mental or physical disability but also other qualities that are important for the stay, or for the renter himself or for the owner’s representative.


1. If the renter fails to meet the conditions, the resulting costs will be borne by the owner.
2. Renter is obligated to present these costs with proper payment documents.
3. If the renter has provided personal information (see Article 8-4) that are important for the purpose of the stay in the bungalow, the owner or his representative, depending on the circumstances and within his ability, is obligated to assist the renter and to provide assistance on the spot.


1. A shortcoming in the execution of the agreement should be reported as soon as possible and on-site with the owner’s representative. If this shortcoming can not be resolved at the moment and detracts from the quality of the stay, the renter must report this to the owner or his representative on the spot.
2. If a complaint at the destination is not resolved satisfactorily, the renter must draw up a written report, submit to and sign by the representative of the renter on location. Renter will send this report to the owner as soon as possible, but no later than 14 days after leaving the property.
3. If a complaint is not resolved satisfactorily, a renter may appeal to a competent court.


A renter who has not fulfilled his payment obligations in time is owed an interest rate of 1% per month over the amount due. If necessary, the renter shall pay collection fees equal to 15% of the amount with a minimum of 75 euros.

Article 12 LIABILITY

1. The person who books a trip for (also) other participants is considered to be a renter within the meaning of the agreement. This person is jointly and severally liable for all others and should also pay the full rental amount for all participants.
2. In case of minor renters, this must be reported and must be proven (if not co-opted) that parents or guardians or caregivers have given permission.
3. The renter is responsible for the use of all electrical appliances. If there is no negligence of the owner, all damages incurred and suffered are covered by the renter’s liability.


1. Parents of young children as well as guests who are not able to swim should consider the following: the pool is not fenced, the shallow area is 1.40 meters deep.
2. Parents are responsible and liable for the safety of their children in and around the pool.
3. The renter is responsible and liable for proper and safe behavior in and around the swimming pool. It is not allowed to dive into the shallow area from the edge of the pool.