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Villa Beten

For an amazing stay in authentic north-west Bali

Villa Burung

Pemuteran, North Bali

Good things to know for your stay at Villa bèten Bukit

About the villa

Villa Bèten Bukit is built in 2007 by a local contractor. The garden is designed by the owner of the villa, and the garden staff. The grounds had to be developed; there was no electricity, no running water and a very poor road to the villa. Building time lasted around 8 months
About Pemuteran

Pemuteran is a small fishing village with a population of approximately 8000 people. It is one of the poorest and driest parts of Bali. The people, mostly fishermen, were moved to Pemuteran in a relocation project arranged by the government after the disastrous volcano eruption in 1963 when Gunung Agung erupted in the east of Bali. Over the last 10 years tourism has developed with a few nice bungalow resorts on the little bay, some home stays and local warungs on the main road.

Villa bèten Bukit means House at the foot of the mountains

Jalan Arjuna
Gerokyak, Singaraja
Bali, 81155 Indonesia
Phone +62 85238080536 (cell phone Supervisor Putu)

The Villa

Water in and around the villa
The running water used in the house and the gardens comes from a well, taken from a water source 60 meter deep. The house has a private well so will not disturb the wells along the road used by the locals; we use quite some water and would not like to affect their water levels and create problems. I kindly ask you to consciously use the water

Water for drinking you can find in the water dispenser in the kitchen.

Both bedrooms have air-conditioning. Please close all the bedroom and bathroom doors when the air conditioners are turned on. You are kindly requested to turn them off during daytime when you are not in the bedroom. The veranda and living room have ceiling fans. There is also one on the first floor for those adventurous ones who would like to experience sleeping in the open air. The real dye hard may use the Bali house in the garden as their bedroom as well.

Locked cabinets
Some cabinets in the bedroom are locked. They are for private use by the owner.

For personal belongings you can use the safe in the house. Please contact Putu, the supervisor to help you.

For safety reasons we recommend to keep the door to the bathrooms always locked.

In the basket in the kitchen and in the bedrooms light torches can be found.

Internet connection
Wireless internet is available at the house. Please ask Putu for a password to use the internet.

First aid kit
In one of the baskets in the kitchen

In the kitchen you can find a Nespresso machine, it can be used with special Nespresso coffee cups. Since we can not buy them in Bali you have to bring the cups yourself!



In the cabinet on the first floor you’ll find a selection of Dutch and English books. Please return them there when you have finished and of course you are more than welcome to leave your own books for the villa library!

Map of Bali
In the cabinet on the first floor

I-pod station
There is an I-Pod Station in the villa, feel free to use it

Animals in and around the villa

A dog called Nina, many fish in the pond, some frogs in and around the pond and two small lizards! You usually see (and hear!!) gecko’s on the side veranda in the evening, trying to catch their bite for the day. Incidentally there could be one behind a cabinet or painting. They are completely innocent and harmless and do not need to be killed.

Mosquitoes can be around at dusk. Repellants should give you enough protection. You don’t have to be worried about catching Malaria – there is none in Bali.

It is possible to rent a car with or without a private driver and/or motorbikes. Contact Putu for rates and reservation

Guests are advised to drive carefully. Traffic in Bali can be challenging. For some guests driving on the left side of the road could be confusing. There is no car insurance or motorbike insurance in Bali. Damages to vehicles or locals are usually paid cash after strong negotiations. An international driver’s license is needed
If you are stopped by the police usually they want some money, discreetly hand them Rp 50.000 and continue your journey

The motorbikes
You can rent motorbikes to go around in Pemuteran, please contact Putu and he will arrange it for you, Rp 60.000 for one day. Note that the motorbikes are quite powerful and the road is not the highway you’re probably used to. Please let Putu inform you with a basic explanation of the motorbikes. They also have automatics available so you don’t have to shift gears. Riding them is great fun but drive careful, any damage is for your own account, and you’re not insured!!
In and around Pemuteran helmets are not used but if you want to use them, please ask Putu
You’ll find petrol at little vendors on the street for sale in glass bottles (1 liter – 2 liter)
Remember that the nearest real ‘hospital’ is one hour away; in Pemuteran is a small simple private hospital.

There are 3 bicycles at my place, which you can use.

Airport shuttle
It is possible to arrange transportation from the airport to the villa in advance. Notify us by email and send us your flight details. At the exit of the airport the driver will welcome you and drive you to the villa. The driver will hold up a sign with Villa Bèten bukit for recognition. For privacy purposes we will not expose the name of the guests on the sign, however the driver will be informed about flight details and names. You will be additional charged for transportation to and from the airport. Rate ± $80 (one way)

The Staff

Villa bèten bukit has staff that takes care of daily operations. The staff consists of a supervisor, housekeeping, garden and pool staff and security staff.

All the staff lives in Pemuteran, either on the premises or very close to Villa Beten Bukit. Putu, the supervisor, speaks good English and is available 24/7. There is a phone in the house where you can call him anytime. If you have questions or need information, please ask him because he is more than willing to help you. Car rentals, motorbike rentals, dive or snorkel trips, restaurant arrangements can be arranged through him.

Garden and pool staff
The woman working in the garden is named Made. She lives close to the house down the street and helped creating the garden. She has been with me from the beginning and has the ‘greenest fingers’ in Pemuteran. The boy working in the garden and responsible for the swimming pool is Kadek.

Housekeeping staff
Iluh is in charge of the housekeeping, she takes care of the general cleaning, breakfast and laundry. She speaks a little English, please be patience with her, hands, foots, pointing or ask Putu. She is very clever and eager to understand you.

She will prepare lunch and dinner for you on request. She can cook lovely Balinese food for dinner, please inform her in time, so she can go to the market and buy the ingredients, organic as much as possible. There is a menu list in the house. If she is cooking your diner, she will come to the house again around 18±00 and usually finishes around 20.00 h.

If you have any laundry, just drop it in the big square box in the central room downstairs. It will be taken care of by the staff. There is a washing machine in the house. Please note that although they will treat it with great care, we are not responsible for losses or damage. So your bits from Hermes, Prada, Gucci, La Croix etc are your own personal responsibility.

Security staff
From 18±30 until 06±00 in the morning a guard will be around to take care of the place. You might see him going around with a flashlight. They hardly speak English.

Garden and Pool

Towels for the pool
Besides the towels in the villa and in the bathrooms, there are separate towels for the swimming pool. Ask Iluh for the towels and please do not remove them from the villa.

The garden
When you look at the garden, you’ll discover different levels created by terraces and walls. We did this to keep the water on the premises as much as possible. By doing this we try to create a kind of mini climate in the garden with a rising water level so that we can grow lots of different plants, flowers and trees. These in turn attract an amazing amount of birds.

Lights in the garden and swimming pool are turned on and off automatic.

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Served in the morning by Iluh, and is included in the price of your stay.

Lunch and Dinner
On request Iluh will prepare lunch and /or dinner for you as well, please notify her around breakfast time about your choices from the menu-list, available in the villa.

Iluh cooks nice Indonesian meals and some great Italian pasta; ask for her delicious pisang goring (fried bananas) or Ayam ketjap!
Never leave food around in the villa. Store it in boxes in the kitchen or the refrigerator! You might invite mice.

Barbecue at the villa
A villa BBQ (fresh fish and/or meat) can also be prepared. Ask Putu to light the barbecue and prepare delicious sate ayam and udang goreng (chicken sate and fried prawns) Together with iluhs fried rice and vegetables a great meal. Please order one day in advance.


In Pemuteran you will find most of the basics for shopping. The little supermarkets on the main road provide you with the usual simple items.
Also yoghurt, cheese, mushrooms and salads are available in certain shops.

The small local market in Gorres (turn left onto the main road – it’s about 15 mins away) is an interesting place to shop for fresh vegetables, fruits, fish or chicken from the early morning until about 9am.

Bigger supermarkets are 3/4 hour away (by car) in Seririt, or Lovina.

ATM you can find along the main road

Things to do in and around Pemuteran

Beaches and sun beds
Villa beten Bukit is around 800m from the beach. There are several beachfront resorts with sunbeds. Usually you can use the sun beds provided by the hotels scattered on the bay (Taman Sari, Pondok Sari and Taman Selini) if you order meals and drinks and kindly ask their staff if it is possible to make use of the sunbeds. You can always use the sun beds at Reef Seen Aquatics as I have an agreement with them.

Sunbathing on the beaches of Bali is not the same as sunbathing at home. Out of respect for the local religious beliefs we kindly ask you to refrain from topless sun batching. Your visit to a beachfront restaurant and/or bar would be more appreciated by their staff when you put on (cover) clothing.

Massages & Spa Treatments
Four hands, two hands, Balinese, nails, foots. Pondok Sari has a beautiful spa in Pemuteran. Just walk in and make a reservation. At Taman Sari Spa – a little cheaper. also good but not as beautiful. If you want to go all the way for a day or half a day Matahari Beach Resort has an outrageous spa, tea garden and all the full works!!!
Also Ria’s spa is very good and much cheaper than in the resorts. Ask Selamat where to find her.

At villa bèten bukit massages can be arranged as well for a reasonable price, Contact Putu for rates and reservation.

Snorkeling and Diving
Reef Seen Divers Resort is a PADI certified dive operation. They have the best boat to the coral fringed island of Menjangan – a great dive or snorkel trip !!!!!! Menjangan is one of the most famous diving and snorkel locations of Bali and even Indonesia. Ask Putu and he will arrange it for you.
There are also some beautiful reefs just off shore Reef Seen Aquatics, Napoleon Reef, Close Encounters, Temple wall and Temple Garden are great fun and beautiful.
A boat-trip with a glass bottom is another interesting thing to explore the beautiful reefs. You can book this through Putu as well.

Horse riding
You can arrange this at Reef Seen Divers resort, just an easy ride on the beach or go up the mountains (you need to be an experienced rider)

Balinese dancing
Reef Seen Divers Resort facilitates a local Balinese Dancing Class for Balinese youngsters. Classes are scheduled on Saterday- and Sunday afternoons. During high season dance perfomances are often held on Saturday nights. It’s great fun to see this onces. Contact Reef Seen for information

The mountains behind Villa bèten Bukit
A pair of good shoes and you can go for hours, but if you go only for 20 minutes the views are great. Start from the end of the road and find your way up. You are advised to do the hike early in the morning or late afternoon.
Bird watching guided tours can be booked as well in Pemuteran, it is a fantastic experience
If you want to have a guide for a mountain climb, walk or bicycle tour in Pemuteran invite Gede Santana. He has some nice ½ days programs. Ask Putu to contact him.

Pulaki Temple / Melanting Temple / Pura Pujak Manik
These are Hindu Temples,. How to get to Pulaki Temple: turn to the right on the main road and go for 3 km to one of Bali’s most important directional temples with herds of monkeys. Take care of your belongings, the monkeys love it.

Turn right along the main road and follow the sign Melanting temple, a secluded and very important temple. A small path leads up to a temple on a platform up in the mountains – Pura Pujak Manik with spectacular views of the area.

Mimpi Resort
This resort is15 minutes away from the villa. In the direction of Gilimanuk, Mimpi resort is located in a beautiful mangrove bay. The resort offers beautiful sunsets and views of the Javanese volcanoes. Guests can have lunch or dinner at their bay restaurant. The restaurant has natural hot springs for their guests. If you would like to make use of their hot springs, we kindly ask you to ask their staff for permission.

Atlas South Sea Pearl Farm
The Atlas South Sea Pearl farm is just a 15 minutes drive away. The farm gives the opportunity to visit the pearl oyster hatchery, witness the day to day farm activities, pearl seeding and harvesting, pearl grading, pearl evaluation. This is a great event! You can buy pearl jewelry in the Atlas Jewelry shop!
In the restaurant they serve great coffees, cappuccino and delicious sandwiches.

Direction turn right at the main road and follow the road for approximately 6 km, big signs are along the road on the left side to direct you.

Bali Tower sunset views on Java
Bali Tower is wooden tower with breathtaking views of Java and the National Park. It is an ideal location for an afternoon sunset drink. Bali Tower is 25 minutes on the motorbike or by car. Try to find the beautiful lagoon there, which is great for swimming and very romantic.

Direction turn left at the main road and continue for 25 minutes till you see signs on the right side of the road pointing for Menjangan Jungle Resort, the signs will tell you how many km you have to go, starting 3 km before reaching the destination

Bali Barat National Park
Bali Tower is actually located in the Bali Barat National Park, where off 55.000 hectares is protected area. You can hike here through forests, enjoy great diving and explore extensive coastal mangroves.
There are more than 200 species of plant growing in the park and interesting fauna. The bird life is prolific. You can book tours and safari’s with them ( you might see some unique wildlife)

Sambangan waterfalls and Rice fields
The Sambangan Waterfalls and Rice fields are just one hour drive from Pemuteran near Singaraja. We advise you to make the day or two-day trip. Arrange a driver through Selamat and book for a day trip or even stay overnight. Shanti resort is a simple small resort where you can spend the night.
Atr Shanti resort you can book a hiking tour to the waterfalls and the rice fields. A hiking tour will take up tp 3-5 hours. You also can go for one day trip; leave in the morning and upon arrival just walk down to the waterfalls and the natural pool( ask their staff for the direction), spend a few hours at the site, go back and stay for a drink or snack at Shanti. Call in advance to book a guided hiking tour through gorgeous scenery, rice fields, waterfalls and traditional villages.
Guided hiking tours start from 8:00 h in the morning.

Brahma Vihara Arama
Close to Lovina you can find Bali’s single Buddhist Monastery, with colourful decorations, a bright orange roof and statues of Buddha, has very nice Balinese decorative carvings and door guardians. It’s quite a handsome structure in a commanding location, with views that reach down into the valley and across the rice fields to the sea. You should wear long pants or a sarong.
Visitors are more than welcome to meditate in special rooms. The temple is 3,3 km off the main road, take the obvious turn-off in Dencarik.

Air Panas Banjar
Not far from Brahma Vihara Arama you can find these hot springs, which percolate amid lush tropical plants. You can relax here for a couple of hours and have lunch at the restaurant.
Eight fierce-faced carved stone naga pour water from a natural hot spring into the first bath, which then overflows into a second larger pool. In a third pool, water pours from 3m high spouts to give you a pummeling massage.



Guests 2-8
Bedrooms 3
Bathroom 3
Swimming pool Yes
Airco Yes
WiFi Yes
Wheelchair-friendly No
Child-friendly Yes
Beach Yes
Working staff Yes
Including Breakfast

Availability calendar
If you want to book a stay with us or if you have any questions, please contact us


We do our utmost to process availability on time. To prevent disappointment, you will receive a response to your request within 4 hours

This exclusive villa with a large private pool and a beautiful tropical garden of more than 3500 m2 offers you all the ingredients for an unforgettable holiday with all luxury and comfort, and maximum privacy in a quiet, impressive environment

Villa Betèn Bukit, a beautiful exclusive villa in Pemuteran, Bali Indonesia to spend your dream vacation in

Villa details

Villa general

Guests 2-8
Bedrooms 3
Bathroom 3
Wheelchair-friendly No
Child-friendly Yes
Highchair Yes
Baby bed Yes
Beach Yes
On walking distance to restaurants and supermarket Yes
Working staff Yes
Laundry and ironing service Yes
Helpdesk Yes
Security Yes
Airco Yes
WiFi Yes
TV/Radio Yes
Reading books
Games Yes
Balcony Yes
Towels and beach towels Yes
Bicycle On request
Scooter No
Boat No


Kitchen, fully furnished Yes
Fridge/freezer Yes
Water dispenser Yes
Coffee maker Yes
Washing machine Yes
Dryer Yes
Oven Yes
Microwave Yes

Bedroom 2

Double bed Yes (1)
Single bed Yes (1)
Bedding Yes
Bathroom / Shower / Toilet
Towels Yes
Hair dryer Yes
Wardrobe Yes
Safebox No
Airconditioning Yes

Bedroom 1

Double bed Yes (1)
Single bed No
Bedding Yes
Bathroom / Shower / Toilet
Towels Yes
Hair dryer Yes
Wardrobe Yes
Safebox Yes
Airconditioning Yes

Bedroom 3

Double bed Yes (1)
Single bed Yes (1)
Bedding Yes
Bathroom / Shower / Toilet
Towels Yes
Hair dryer Yes
Wardrobe Yes
Safebox No
Airconditioning Yes


Covered terrace Yes
Lounge set Yes
Swimming pool Yes
Outdoor shower Yes
Jacuzzi No
Deck chairs Yes  
Parasol Yes
Bale Benong / rest house Yes


Daytrips with Chauffeur
Surprise tour
Surfing and swimming
Beach walk
Horse riding
Visit evening and morning markets
Visit rice fields
Snorkeling and diving
Water sports center
Children’s play palace
Boat trips
Cooking course


Collection service / drop off service
Helpdesk helps organize various trips.


Daily rate (low season) €130,00
Daily rate (high season) €170,00
Surcharge above 2 persons per person €20.00 per day
Including tax 10% Yes
Including energy € 2.00 pppd Yes
Breakfast Yes

The deposit will be removed from the villa within 14 days of departure

Don’t hesitate to contact us

Do you have any question or want to reserve this villa just fill this form in and we will contact you within 2 to 4 hours.

You can also reach us by phone / WhatsApp: +316 18071113
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